by Darkswoon

Recorded with Sean Flora at his Rock N Roll BNB on Sauvie Island, winter 2016. The sophomore release of Darkswoon's Silhouettes embodies the Pacific Northwest in sound. Delayed guitar rolls over dark textured beats strung together with synthed out bass, powerful and vulnerable vocal layers tells stories of ghosts, loneliness, cats, grief and sounds like reading love letters to the dead.

"individuality & creativity"

Darkswoon brings light and shadow to new sonic territory with 2016 EP release of 'Silhouettes'. It's the sophomore release from Jana Cushman who has been writing music under this moniker for two years. Her previous release, Year One, established Darkswoon's sound, blending shoegaze and dark electronic elements generating a genre imagined by Cushman to be electrohaze. 'Silhouettes' continues down this path with a twinge of psych rock and goth. It’s a musical landscape cultivated by the interplay of dynamic guitar and vocals that reflect visceral emotional depth syncopated by stunning textures and driving rhythms. Death, love, dreams and ghosts are consistent lyrical themes that can be felt in the marrow of the music.

"The song 'Necromancer' is an example of Darkswoon illustrating the meaning of their name through locomotive rhythms & chords that sound as if strummed by apparitions materializing in the physical realm." - Impose Magazine

"the track sounds somewhere between My Bloody Valentine and Julianna Barwick. The driving, thumping drums propel the song forward while the long drawn-out syllables of the vocals keep the balance. Its a beautiful track from an artist that you’ll want to watch."

-Surviving the Golden Age