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by Darkswoon

"The latest album from this Portland band led by Jana Cushman is a fine set of goth-tinged post-punk and dream-pop combining atmospheric guitars and haunting synths with ethereal vocals and hypnotic song hooks." - Don Yates, KEXP

“While in some quarters the sound in which Darkswoon trade has been dubbed electronic shoegaze, if a genre tag must be applied we prefer the one found next to their name on Discogs: elektrohaze, as what one hears here in terms of atmosphere isn’t so much in thrall to the late 20th C.’s glacial sheets of reverb but rather the moody dynamics of concerted songcraft as might have been expected from PJ Harvey had she emerged in 1982 instead of a decade later, the ‘elektro’ in which case speaking for itself, the ‘haze’ deriving from the pulsating, dark emotive textures echoing back across the channel from Berlin at the time. All speculative rhetoric aside, however (and anyway Darkswoon’s name basically is their genre), Bind, contemplative in the main but fully capable of convincing with force when necessary, is at the very least forty-three of the most immersive minutes you’re likely to spend under headphones this year.” - Dave Cantrell, Stereo Embers Magazine

"The album channels both fierce electronic prowess and shoegaze-inspired guitar textures, centered by vocalist Jana Cushman’s croon, Rachel Ellis’ evocative synth lines, and Andrew Michael Potter’s pulsing bass. As such, the band channels both the detached chill of early Fever Ray and Eurythmics as well as the churning menace of Modern English."

"...both incredibly powerful and irresistibly catchy at once." -- Frank Deserto,

“Darkswoon’s latest full length, ‘Bind’, represents a quantum leap in their sound. Fans of austere electronic acts like The Knife, Austra and Eurythmics will find the mechanical precision of their synth leads and drum grooves addicting while followers of blissed-out guitar pop are sure to be delighted with the ambience Cushman invokes with her ethereal vocals and blurry guitar lines.” Pete Cottell of Willamette Week

“The range of moods and styles expressed on BIND‘s eight tracks is impressive, as each represents a distinct direction and set of influences but manage a consistent voice that’s uniquely Darkswoon. Equally suited for late night headphone sessions and dancing in the fog-drenched environs of your local goth club.” Eric Sorenson of Igloo Magazine